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HDEL is a professionally staffed education and publication company with more than 130 USAF CDC subjects.

Over the years, our material has been known to increase test scores by 15 to 80 points. If you are ready for the power of our system to take your career to a higher level, then make that investment in your future today!  HDEL offers printed and electronic books as well as a computer self-study program to help you increase your knowledge of your CDC and PDG information.

Website Updated 15 February 2018

**2017 – 2019 SSgt, TSgt, MSgt, SMSgt and CMSgt Study Guides Available NOW!**

New Airmen Handbook 1, 1 OCT 2017

Study Guides, Flip-Thrus, and Ultimate Databases for Promotion to SSgt, TSgt, MSgt, SMSgt, & CMSgt Available Now!

**E-Books are Available for some SKTs & PDG Study Guides (PFE & USAFSE)**

The New HDEL Ultimate

This is the most powerful computer study system on the planet!

HDEL’s Ultimate is the “application program” developed for use with all of our military self-study material databases. The new Ultimate 1.0 is to be used with Windows 2000, ME, NT, XP, VISTA, & WINDOWS 7 and Mac computers.
Using a MAC? You’ll need to get Adobe Air to use Ultimate.

Air Force PDG Study Products

HDEL Inc. has developed questions and answers directly from the Air Force PFE / USAFSE (PDG) AFH-1 to help you study more efficiently for your Promotion Exam. These questions are specifically designed to make you think and should be used in conjunction with the Air Force PDG study guide. HDEL’s PDG study products are available in printed, e-book, and database formats.

CDC / SKT Study Products

HDEL’s skilled technical writers prepare these product questions using information directly from the CDCs’ text to help you maintain the flow of ideas and concepts and to provide more complete coverage of your CDC material. Use these study products in conjunction with your CDC’s study guide. Many of our CDC/SKT study products are available in printed, e-book, and database formats.

How To Study and Take Tests

This is a must for all test takers! This guidebook includes proven methods, and material you would normally be furnished via a course on study skills and test taking preparations.

This guidebook, coupled with your HDEL study products, should provide you the advantage you need for any competition based promotion or exam requirement.

HDEL products are prepared for test preparation only and are NOT intended to be used in group study or on the job. Be sure to begin your study process early enough to cover all the information in your WAPS PDG Self Study Guide and SKT Self Study References.

Remember to begin your studies early enough that you learn all of the information on the exam. HDEL recommends that you begin your studies 6 months in advance of your test. For more information on any of our self-study products, please contact us at hdel@hdel.com or call us toll free 321-544-5767 / 321-604-0109.

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